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Low Temperature Sealing Wax Gun

Low Temperature Sealing Wax Gun

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Our recommended sealing wax gun for use with our sealing wax.

This sealing wax gun features a 0.44" chamber, fitting our sealing wax sticks perfectly. The low temperature gets hot enough to melt sealing wax quickly, without overheating and potentially causing damage.

The sealing wax gun method is our favorite for making wax seals. Not only is it faster than traditional methods such as sealing wax beads, or with-wick sticks, you can avoid open flames or heated spoons, making it safer.


  • For use with our Sealing Wax Sticks (0.44" diameter").
  • Low-Temperature, to easily melt and protect sealing wax.
  • North American Plug (120V and 40 watts)
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