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edding 1500 pastel pen

edding 1500 pastel pen

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edding 1500 pastel pen: Light, semi-transparent white and pastel tones in combination with fibre pens. With its water-based, pigmented ink it produces a light, semi-transparent white effect, perfect for colouring white spots, and even looks great on dark coloured paper! You can even control how intense you would like your white: Colour once to create a light, semi-transparent tone, let dry and colour again to intensify the tone and thus, increase the opacity.

Add the pastel pen to your palette of edding fibre pens and easily expand your colouring fun. Next to vibrant colours you can also create delicate pastel tones - thanks to this single pen! First use colour pens, then use the pastel pen to turn a bright pink into a lighter pink or even into a delicate and pale pastel pink - it's your decision. Add a special effect by using write pastel pen on light paper and afterwards colour over it with bright fibre pens: Only now will the writing appear!

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