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Grape - Lil' Juicy Scented Graphite Pencils

Grape - Lil' Juicy Scented Graphite Pencils

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Charming grape motifs cover the barrels of these grape scented pencils. Ready to write, the Lil’ Juicy Scented Graphite Pencils work perfectly for homework and schoolwork!

Each of the 6 grape scented pencils has its own fruit inspired patterns and designs. The secret to the fruity scent is in the barrel of these No.2 graphite pencils. To add to the cuteness pair with the Lil’ Juicy Scented Pencil Topper Erasers for double the grape scent!

  • Grape scented pencils
  • #2 graphite pencils
  • 6 fun patterned pencils in each set
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up 
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