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Winter Berries Pigeon Pack

Winter Berries Pigeon Pack

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Pigeon is THE way of making letter writing fun, new, beautiful, and easy. The envelope is integral to the letter, and the space to write in is not too daunting. Once you get a correspondence going, you’ll always have your friend’s address to hand inside their latest letter. Pigeons are also the perfect size to hold a Polaroid photo, so you can slip in a selfie. And the design means each Pigeon is a small object of beauty.

Winter Berries: Ah, winter! There’s nothing quite like it, is there? These Pigeons take you on a winter’s walk, past furrowed fields and country hedgerows. You can practically hear the crisp crunch of icy puddles cracking underfoot. The deep blues, reds, and golds of our Winter Berries Pigeons are irresistible! 2 of each of the 3 designs. 

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